What is the criteria for selecting projects in different countries?
In the investment sector, Nupher Commercial and Industrial Group examines the projects of countries with economic and political stability.

According to Nupher commercial and industrial group’s specialized field, only projects related to the field of activity are examined.

Priority is given to projects that have pre-purchased most of the project’s product by the relevant government.

In this part of the investment, the investor is actually a partner of the government in the implementation of that particular project.

Only the projects that have all the economic and analytical path available, can be reviewed and approved by Nofar’s business team and analyst.

Investment in government projects

Nupher commercial and industrial group selects profitable projects and shares them with its investors in the countries it covers, among the governments and countries that enjoy relative stability or have advancing industry and technology. Naturally, due to the fact that these projects often require large investments, we recommend that if you have a small amount of capital, you should refrain from investing in this sector and consider investing in new projects or investments. Refer to Nupher. The reason for this is very clear, because every project will definitely begin to be profitable after completion, and your small investment cannot start and finish the project. Therefore, the period of time that you have to spend until the project begins to be profitable will be long and as a result, your desperation and disappointment in choosing the project in question for investment and your financial losses will be brought along. For this reason, our suggestion for small investments is to review Nupher projects or long-term investment in Nupher.

How can I find out about the government projects of my favorite countries for investment?

Considering that most governments support priority projects that require foreign investors, and these projects have a special priority due to the problems in the country, therefore, we guarantee your profitability in these projects. We will be your friend and companion from the beginning to the end of the project.

In order to get information about the government projects of your favorite countries for investment, please fill out the application form in this section, so that as soon as possible, with the help and guidance of our experts, you can choose the best project for your capital, which is short. It has the highest profit margin from the relevant government and is the safest place for your capital. It will be introduced to you and its details will be presented to you so that after the necessary checks and final approval, the necessary measures will be implemented by Nupher Commercial and Industrial Group.

It is necessary to remember that according to the field of specialized activity of Nofar Commercial and Industrial Group, in government projects, only projects defined in the field of industry, construction, equipment and machinery as well as raw materials, the possibility of accompanying with Dear ones, it is available.