Road transport

In the transportation department, Nofar Group offers land transportation in two formats, containers and tankers, depending on the type of your goods.

In the reservation of a special type of tanker, in the case of a reservation, with any amount of cargo, the entire car will be considered for your transportation. It is also worth noting that in

Shipping orders by tanker, it is necessary to send the analysis of your goods, so please, before sending the shipment request, prepare the analysis if there is none.

Take action and send it along with the shipment request form. Tanker and container prices are updated according to the mentioned origin and destination and only up to 5 days.

Work is valid. In container reservation, you can coordinate with Nofar commercial department, Nofar transportation department consultants and packaging department consultants.

Arrange your orders in such a way that you make the most of the container space in all orders.

In order to comply with international shipping standards and also to satisfy the customer, Nofar Group in all its shipments of containers and tankers under 5 years old.

uses and removes tankers and containers more than 5 years from its transportation cycle. Also, Nufer Business Group has a container and or

Tankers suitable for domestic transportation, if necessary, can also carry out your domestic transportation from the place of delivery to the place of loading for international transportation.

do To make a reservation or to know the updated price of your goods, please refer to the request form section and after sending it, you will receive a free consultation within 24 hours.

The shipping department was informed about the details of the process of transferring your commercial goods, the conditions of transportation and the price of transportation

Classification of transport machines for industrial goods and raw materials

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