Nupher International Transport group, having the newest heavy machinery and entering into international transport agreements to use transport ways, i.e., seaway, roadway, airway and railway, honors to provide the best quality and the most cost-effective international transport services. 

How do we deliver our cargo to the port of destination?

Choosing the transport way is one of the key factors in your business as long as you collaborate with a professional international transport group, ensuring the safe shipment of your products within a scheduled term and at the specific port of destination, and take very effective steps in your products at a reasonable cost.   

The following cases will be certainly effective in selection of the shipment way:

The merchandise weight, dimensions, type of packaging, which definitively affect safety of the product and the load weight.

  • * The interval allocated to the shipment or time delivery of the merchandise mentioned at the commercial agreement
  • * International transport rules in the country
  • * The order volume and offer of our professional team for the most cost-effective shipment way
  • * The distance between countries of origin and destination and relation between those countries
  • * Analyzing the best way of shipment between two countries, considering their geographical situation and different intervals in relation to the shipment ways.

Application Form of Transportation Department 

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