Establishing a foreign branch

Establishing foreign branches of factories is one of the most effective and important steps in business development and it needs to be done accurately and with sufficient information.

In order to establish a branch abroad, you can consider any of the following routes:

Establishing the assembly department of your products abroad

Establishing a separate and independent company abroad

Establishing a branch abroad

Granting representation to another company in the target country

Definitely, the choice of any of these paths will be understood by examining the current conditions of your company or production set and your goal of entering the foreign market. At

Below is a brief description of each of the above:

Establishing the assembly department of your products abroad:
In many cases, changing the name of the producing country has a great impact on exports. At the beginning of the road to overcome this obstacle, many manufacturers on this

They believe that in order to change this name, it is definitely necessary to establish another factory in the target country or to transfer all the production department to the target country.

do While in many cases only the transfer of a very small and low-cost part of the production sector and sometimes even the establishment of a small workshop in the target country

It can lead them to their final goal.

According to the laws of most countries, if the assembly takes place to a certain extent in their country, or sometimes a part produced in their country is used in the assembly of the product, it can be called

The country of assembly placed the final production. The percentage of this assembly is different in different countries, which can definitely be checked according to the request of the applicant.
Establishing a separate and independent company abroad
Establishing a company in another country is often done with the following goals:
Start exporting in the target country and establish a direct base under the supervision of traders or manufacturers
In this case, there is no need to establish a company and it is possible to export without registering the company and by establishing a branch from the main office. Of course, this is important

The guidance and support of the consultants of the Nofar business complex is to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the laws of the new country, paving the way for manufacturers or

to be businessmen

Using the invoice of the new company and issuing the proforma by it and exporting to the final importing country
Establishing a production department or assembling products in a new country
In the two mentioned cases, the initial step is definitely the company registration. But for guidance on exactly what type of company (personal company – limited liability – joint stock company).

general – private equity) to be registered and …. To do this, it is necessary to have information about the business in question and also the purpose of registering the company, so that the consultants of the

Nupher will suggest the best solution to the applicant by reviewing the information provided and matching it with the target country.

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