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Holding purchase meetings


Quality check


Correct and accurate sources

Business inquiries

One of the first steps in exporting or importing is to have price information and queries from the target market. Request a price inquiry from people who are relative to get

They don’t have enough knowledge of the market layout, it can make business difficult. Because the information provided is superficial and from unreliable sources and without any documents

A document has been provided and as a result the owners of industries or businessmen have problems in taking the next steps.

Nofar commercial and industrial group by employing experienced and expert members as well as having a clear and specific chart is trying to provide a detailed inquiry from

Pricing will clarify the way forward for businessmen and industrial owners and accompany them to take fundamental steps by providing accurate, correct and documented information.

In order to achieve this goal, in order to provide answers to price inquiries from foreign markets, the following items are always taken into account by Nofar Commercial and Industrial Group:

The price inquiry should always be received from a correct and accurate source. Therefore, it is forbidden to refer to the internet and internet prices in Nufar’s commercial and industrial group and provide it to the applicant.

You can never refer to one or two sources to get a price inquiry.

Checking all the prices available in the market from different manufacturers in different cities and countries

Investigating the reason for the price difference

Checking the quality of products

Investigating the best purchase conditions from manufacturers or importers in target markets

Obtaining market pricing analysis from the producer or importer of goods, their official representatives, intermediate companies and finally the price of goods consumers.

Check the market price in the amount of different orders

Negotiating the final purchase price on behalf of the applicant

Visiting in person and holding relevant meetings

Providing documented information to the applicant, including emails sent or received, or any other type of correspondence, and conveying the same information to the applicant.

Business inquiry request form


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