Commercial Analysis


Certainly, what the experts can see will be hidden from the view point of the non-experts; therefore, we have frequently observed in the various businesses that the businessmen or industry owners enter a new market without acquiring the sufficient and accurate knowledge. This type of decision-making without the precise information will put the business at high risks, severely increasing the financial loss and damages, together with the possible interruption of business activities. Today, there is no exception to the foreign sale and trade and import of merchandise. This part of Nupher Industrial and Business Group, aiming to explain the business path and gaining the accurate field related information, has saved time and money and would bring you the best feedbacks. Undoubtedly, having gained the sufficient information of your business at the startup phase from an accurate, reliable and up to date resource would be an essential part of starting each business that would prevent from the possible loss and damages in the future. Accordingly, before starting any business, we offer a detailed analysis by the Nupher Industrial and Business Group team of specialists, set forth by the commercial experts, Customs brokers, specialists of the standard section, Customs brokers and analysts of the Group that would be delivered to the businessmen and or industries owners prior to the startup phase of the business, so that to adopt necessary resolutions on the procedure, upon checking the detailed information.   

You will consider the analyzing results provided by Nupher Industrial and Business Group, including:

  • The work process and activity of your competitors in addition to their strengths and weaknesses all over the country

  • The market entry strategy and purpose

  • Examining the competitors’ goods quality and comparing it to that of your goods

  • Results of the inquiries obtained from the related Customs and providing the rules in connection with your business in the target country

  • Checking the background of goods in the target country

  • Analyzing the price offered by the competitors and providing solutions to enter the target market and offer price plan;

  • Inspecting shppment ways and suggesting the best way of transportation for the increased profitability and power of business competition in the target country

  • Checking notice of the best time interval from ordering to delivering the goods to realize the maximum possible profit

  • Giving advices for branding in the target country

Giving advices would be considered the best and most cost-effective type of packaging for the safe shipment of goods, besides the final appropriate packaging of goods to enter the target country in comparison to the packaging methods of other business competitors.   

Control Plan of Target Market

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